Olafs dirtgear patch v. 71 (pitstop71(dg)

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Olafs dirtgear patch v. 71 (pitstop71(dg)

Postby Dag_Johnsen » 07 May 2018, 13:51

I know that EOLC has run this patch in the past and if there are fans of tirewear and dirty tires effect in the races then here is a heads up.

http://freeleo.hu/weekly/?page=Race%20i ... =201806210

The format will be pro long. Racelenght approx 45 min.

Olaf Lehmann
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Re: Olafs dirtgear patch v. 71 (pitstop71(dg)

Postby Olaf Lehmann » 14 Aug 2018, 08:58

On the day after tomorrow the Historic Esports fall season with dirtgearpatch in PRO mode starts.
It will be interesting but more interesting if some EOLC dirtgearfriends would participate too.

Übermorgen startet die Historic Esports Herbstsaison mit dirtgearpatch im PRO Modus auf meiner Lieblingsstrecke Kyalami.
Das wird interessant und würde noch interessanter wenn ein paar deutsche Dirtgearfreunde mitfahren würden.

BR Olaf

P.S.: Indeed it will be a livestream from the race.
Es wird sogar einen Livestream vom Rennen geben.

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