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David Breedveld
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Postby David Breedveld » 28 Dec 2018, 18:38


Please share your thoughts about EOLC in 2019 :bounce:

If you are interested in a Long Night of the Ring next year, what is your preferred date and time?
Do you like a "20 years EOLC" celebration event in February?

Best regards,

Nele Rothe
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Re: 2019

Postby Nele Rothe » 28 Dec 2018, 18:44

Alles außer am 31. Dezember bitte :D :angel:

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Re: 2019

Postby Pedro » 28 Dec 2018, 20:48

Hi David,

My thoughts about EOLC are friendly and happy :naughty:

I am interested in a "Long Ring Night" every year!
it's a tradition, like Christmas, it happens every year and I am looking forward to it!

Also a 20 years celebration sounds great to me.

Date and time ............ are for you to decide David :prost:

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Radek Petera
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Re: 2019

Postby Radek Petera » 05 Jan 2019, 23:34

We could do the same event (7x races) but somewhere else. Maybe even on different tracks.

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Re: 2019

Postby Fabian » 06 Jan 2019, 13:15

I would think that a Saturday (this year it's the 28th) is probably still the day with the best chances that most can make it (the problem imho is not the day we start the event, the problem is to find a next day where most don't have to get up early.. :zzz: :) )
And in most (? or many..) countries there's a good chunk of holidays/off-days around the time... so I myself am quite flexible (heck, it could be held on 24th for all I care - because LNOTR is even better than x-mas..! :D )
In the past I was quite a fan of a mid-year event similar to the LNOTR at Machwerk (drives similar if not better to Nurburgring but shorter laptimes) with 7 races.
We actually held an event there but I think the track turned out to be unpopular(?) ... well, the idea was to use a track with a "special" note...
[iirc I created a dark-version of Machwerk (FastTommy conversion) but I'm not sure it's still around...]

other tracks that come to mind which are "special" or provide for "crazy" races are
Efexx (rel. short)
[if you really want to abandon "reason" you opt for the madly fun/funnily mad (yet drivable) 'Rollercoaster' but then it get's really "something else" compared to the LNOTR.... :grin: ]

I agree. Another event with 7 times x-laps would be the format to go.

Bastian Grupp
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Re: 2019

Postby Bastian Grupp » 08 Jan 2019, 15:41

Well its the holiday time and for myself like the sunday because i don't have to work monday and on saturday you often see old friends in the home town, hang out together which you don't see often, they' re most back in hometown these days.

Manfred Selzner
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Re: 2019

Postby Manfred Selzner » 10 Jan 2019, 23:00

Hi, i look forward to the next ringnacht!
I prefer the 30. of December every year for more than fourteen years. I´m on tour with my husband between the 28. and 29. December every year, cause we married on this date years ago.

The 31. of December, - no!

Greetings, Manfred :prost:

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Re: 2019

Postby Pelle_B » 19 Jan 2019, 00:43

David Breedveld wrote:Hi,

If you are interested in a Long Night of the Ring next year, what is your preferred date and time?
Do you like a "20 years EOLC" celebration event in February?

1. This must never end, no Christmas without EOLC & Long Night :rolleyes:
...would hope we could move a little away from the week between Christmas & New Year, too much food & special drink here :pfeif:
What about Dec 20, 21 or 22 ?

2. Yes, but it must not coincide with HIES :naughty:

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