Standings Long Night of the Ring 2017

Wichtiges rund um die Rennen der EOLC / Important information concerning EOLC races.
Bastian Grupp
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Re: Standings Long Night of the Ring 2017

Postby Bastian Grupp » 02 Jan 2018, 15:03

Thx to David for the organisation. We should really maybe think about goin' two grids. !

On the one hand, great (long overdue) time improements on 5 cars, on the other hand bad luck (engine explotions and bumps from side and behind) and as well crashes on my own, like the whole season 2017 in any league i drive..

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Re: Standings Long Night of the Ring 2017

Postby Fabian » 03 Jan 2018, 20:19

A huge "thank you!" to David for the flawless organizing and hosting !! :prost: :daumenrauf: :champagner: :hail: :hail: :daumenrauf: :pokal: :champagner:

Also thanks to all participants, especially those who "pulled themselves together" to have a go at this strange event ! :daumenrauf:
After years of dwindling participants it was really a joy to see so many people, to the point where we were even slightly too many. :bigdrink:

Further a big thank you to those who were willing to sacrifice their seats, swapping their seats and waiting for long time to have a go !
Lest we forget their sacrifice, so to speak. :prost:


The Runs:
I really intended to do about 2 laps of practice before the event but due to some chores I ran out of time and after a month of GPL-abstinence I had to start "cold". Only a month but it might have as well been a year: everything looked and felt weird..! :rolleyes:

I intended to keep out of everyone's way but then of course I had to start.... from the pole! :hide:
How on earth I managed to stay in front without crashing every single corner is beyond me !! lol :grin: ?( :king: :kratz: :pfeif:
And for some reason my 'sick breine' decided :idea: to not just backbone-lacking jump out of the way but just keep going. :naughty:
As I must have been a complete nuisance for the one's raging :motz: behind me, I tried to be equally annoying to everyone such as not to give some an advance. I hope you "liked" it.... :pfeif: :weg: :grin:

Anyway I thorougly failled :daumenrunter: that evening and needed at least 5-6 runs to get back a bit of feel for the sim. . :idea:

The funny thing was, that I almost always started from the front spots and each race except one, I came out of turn 2 and saw the yellow flag over at T1 on the other side of the fence. :D


The GP:
As mentioned before, thanks to the jet-lag I was quite fit for the GP. However I had a bad/slow start the first 4 laps with some spins and fence-banging. Then I had a really good experience "letting the driving flow". Unfortunately TECH-devil began to strike and I had an episode of stuttering or mini-freezes (though some didn't feel so mini at the time....). I thought that my graphics-card was bugging but from sighting the server-replay I can see that it was in deed bad connectivity... :hmpf: Eventually it bit me and my car turned into a trypod. I actually tried to bring the (remaining) car to the checkered-flag but then I discoed for good.... :daumenrunter:

Grats arrivers! (thx David for the correction of the results)

Well, what can I say. It has been yet another great event! Watching the replays it was craaaaa-zeeee as ever. :lol: :rolleyes: :weg: :kicher:
Honestly, every year I hope that there will be 'a next year' but the first time in the last years I'm confident that there will be

The Long Night of the Ring 2018 !

:prost: :champagner: :bigdrink: :banana:

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Re: Standings Long Night of the Ring 2017

Postby GrandPrixYannick » 03 Jan 2018, 20:58

Also from me a huge thanks for organizing. Was great to run all the 7 chassis.
I am actually quite surprised to have finished so high despite to my feeling, many races went wrong.

A quick rundown of my races:
:Brm A bit of a slow start, but got a few places back because of others misfortunate. Quite likely the race with the least problems.

:Honda Chaotic start. First I may have swerved unnoticed to the left and hit fellow Honda drivers, then got trapped in a car park.
Few more mistakes dropped me further, though I still got a decent final lap.

:Cooper Another poor start, but recovered to 5th until to give it away to Kelvin on the last turn.

:Brabham Gained much at the start, but two Ferraris hampered my progress. But I fought back and had a great last lap trying to keep pace with Pelle, which went well.

:Ferrari Start went okay until Petera spun in front of me. Then missed the braking point of T1 and more chaos ensued. Then my engine gave so I had to reset. My frustration build up with made me give a bump to Kelvin and I get myself irritated over traffic and an eagle makes a dangerous return to track. Twice. Finished 9th but this race gets a...

:Eagle Start crash happened right in front of me, but not involved. Thought my way through and all went well and got 2nd to one point. But I blew up in Steilstrecke and lost many places as I recklessly made my unsafe return and forgot my car was in Neutral when I wanted to make a 180. So I messed up when I did so well

:Lotus Startcrash avoided! But bumped into Bastian when I got surprised by traffic at Flugplatz and I had to wait all the way till I was last. After that I blocked an alien for most of the race who looked to pass pretty everywhere on the circuit. He got past at one point through Kesselchen and it looked he had grip while he was on the banked hill, but I still got him back. I was looking to beat him until a Lotus ahead of me spun at Schwalenschwanz and I had the bad luck again. Had to settle with 6th.

So overall... 6.1/10
While 3rd in the final standings (counting driving who didn't drive all 7 & all the woes).
Thanks for organizing, see you next year hopefully :)

Carsten Theile
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Re: Standings Long Night of the Ring 2017

Postby Carsten Theile » 03 Jan 2018, 21:24

This was the start to race 5 in 2012:


Guess who's in the #9 Ferrari coming into shot. :dance: It reminds me of those little animations they have on the screens at bowling alleys. :weg:

This time, I had a similar moment in race 1 and wasn't as lucky. But that's the Ringnacht for you. :rolleyes: The Macau of GPL.

In race 3 at the end of Hatzenbach, I had to go up the hill to avoid. Proud I pulled that one off.
Later in the lap, at Fuchsröhre, there were skidmarks, a telltale sign of someone crashing in Adenauer Forst. I began to slow, stayed left after the turn and the poor guy behind me went straight past and into the wreck.
Experience pays off. :D

Race 4 (Brabham) was the worst for me. 3 spins in 2 laps, then I destroyed the engine while chasing 2nd.

Willi was mighty quick in the Honda. I tried an impossible move into the final chicane, crashed into the armco and had to give the position back.

Btw, 144 litres should suffice for GP in the Eagle. I started with 148 litres and had 7 litres to spare.
Everything hurt after the race.
Had an off on lap 4, but overall the consistency was okay.

Thanks David for hosting and everything. Each year I come back and am glad to see EOLC is in good hands.
driving animal

Kelvin Mace
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Re: Standings Long Night of the Ring 2017

Postby Kelvin Mace » 04 Jan 2018, 15:18

Hi guys,

First of all a thousand THANKS to David to make this outstanding event, which unites many GPL enthusiasts from different leagues, to happen :daumenrauf: :daumenrauf: :hail: . David you’re a real treasure to the GPL community, great work on organisation and hosting this crown-jewel; that’s real love and passion for racing.

Well, now just a quick recap how my evening out on track went. The seven sprint races were really tough. Never came through the first corners unharmed but once :rolleyes: . Unfortunately the one and only time I managed to escape the starting mess I suffered an engine failure as I ran in 2nd :kratz: …guess it was the next to the last race.
Anyway, not much luck (but still a ton of fun) in the sprint races so I was keen on the GP which I tried to conquer in the Honda :naughty: ; glad that there was time to set a qualy lap that put me in 4th spot on the grid. Guess it would have been much much harder to finish this task if you start in the middle or in the back of the pack.
After 15laps and more than 2 hours (which felt like 30mins) of deep concentration out on track, I finally came home in 2nd behind the Master of the Ring Carsten. My knees and my back were beggin’ for mercy, but totally happy to survive this marathon ...for the 5th time btw :grin: .

So to round things up and by special order ;) I found some interesting stuff on a little research:

If you ever asked how man laps or which distance was possible during the Lange Ringnacht 2017 here's the answer:
7 sprint races to 3 laps
1 GP to 15 laps
and 2 laps (1 outlap & 1 qualy lap) to define the GPs starting order
:kratz: …that means a total of 38laps or in other words: 867,768 Km / 539,182 miles on distance this evening

Here are some statistics in reference to the famous Nürburgring Night GP:
I wasn’t able to find any race results prior to 2004; ...anyone else maybe?
- There was no real Long Night Of The Ring event (as we know it) in 2003 just an evening GP in which shift/R was possible.
- In 2004 the RingN8 GP was cancelled due to track time overrun caused by the earlier races. The officials, as most of the drivers didn’t get the permission to start a GP after 4.00 am .
- In 2006 no one survived the mighty 15 lap greenhell rush! According to rumours, the last driver out on track was too bored to race to the finish and stepped out of the car .

Here’s an updated review of all the RingN8 GP survivors so far, sorted from fastest to slowest:
1. Carsten Theile 2012 119m00.225s :hail:
2. Carsten Theile 2011 119m12.517s
3. Carsten Theile 2017 120m37.295s
4. Gerd Höfferer 2007 121m46,497s
5. Harald Podzielny 2014 122m08.398s
6. Julian Poppe 2012 122m14.664s
7. Pelle Buchner 2016 122m28.847s
8. Joerg Neufeld 2010 122m39.177s
9. Gregory Taber 2015 122m39.895s
10. Carsten Theile 2013 122m43.450s
11. Joerg Neufeld 2013 123m22.741s
12. Kelvin Mace 2015 123m40.164s
13. Kelvin Mace 2017 124m03.786s
14. Lasse Oetinger 2016 124m13.109s
15. Claudio Callipo 2011 124m14.071s
16. Kelvin Mace 2012 124m38.516s
17. Michael Dobeck 2009 124m43,975s
18. Florian Mengedoht 2005 124m53,454s
19. Nils Plonus 2007 125m54,344s
20. Joerg Neufeld 2017 125m57.411s
21. Kelvin Mace 2009 126m43,045s
22. Christof Gietzelt 2015 127m18.897s
23. Patrick Kessler 2008 127m54,325s
24. Radek Petera 2008 128m11,703s
25. Frank Peters 2005 128m43,931s
26. Kelvin Mace 2010 131m07.558s
27. Manfed Setzner 2009 132m18,141s
28. Fabian Casula 2012 119m09.818s (-1 lap)
29. Andreas Gebhardt 2011 119m43.914s (-1 lap)
30. Fabian Casula 2011 120m00.062s (-1 lap)
31. Fabian Casula 2010 123m37.629s (-1 lap)
32. Radek Petera 2012 126m17.948s (-1 lap)

This stats shows all the winners throughout the years:
4x Carsten Theile: 2017; 2013; 2012; 2011
1x Pelle Buchner: 2016
1x Gregory Taber: 2015
1x Harald Podzielny: 2014
1x Joerg Neufeld: 2010
1x Michael Dobeck: 2009
1x Patrick Kessler: 2008
1x Gerd Höfferer: 2007
1x Florian Mengedoht: 2005

Here are the fastest RingN8 GP (15laps) total race times for each car:
122m43.450s Carsten Theile 2013 :Brm

124m38.516s Kelvin Mace 2012 :Brabham

126m43,045s Kelvin Mace 2009 :Cooper

120m37.295s Carsten Theile 2017 :Eagle

121m46.497s Gerd Höfferer 2007 :Ferrari

119m00.225s Carsten Theile 2012 :Lotus

124m03.786s Kelvin Mace 2017 :Honda

...still one shot to the bolt for Carsten and me left :pfeif: :grin:

RingN8 GP survival stats:
5x Kelvin Mace: 2009; 2010; 2012; 2015; 2017
4x Carsten Theile: 2011; 2012; 2013; 2017
3x Jörg Neufeld: 2010; 2013; 2017
3x Fabian Casula: 2010; 2011; 2012
2x Radek Petera: 2008; 2012
1x Gerd Höfferer: 2007
1x Harald Podzielny: 2014
1x Julian Poppe: 2012
1x Pelle Buchner: 2016
1x Gregory Taber 2015
1x Lasse Oetinger: 2016
1x Claudio Callipo: 2011
1x Michael Dobeck: 2009
1x Florian Mengedoht: 2005
1x Nils Plonus: 2007
1x Christof Gietzelt: 2015
1x Patrick Kessler: 2008
1x Frank Peters: 2005
1x Manfed Setzner: 2009
1x Andreas Gebhardt: 2011

...and finally a quick recap of all the MASTERS-OF-THE-RING throughout the years:
--- Masters of the Ring ---
2017 Carsten Theile 234 pts
2016 Lasse Oetinger 210 pts
2015 Carsten Theile 244 pts
2014 Carsten Theile 262 pts
2013 Carsten Theile 226 pts
2012 Carsten Theile 234 pts
2011 Carsten Theile 216 pts
2010 Marcus Wiersig 226 pts
2009 Carsten Theile 258 pts
2008 Carsten Theile 238 pts
2007 Carsten Theile 236 pts
--------various point systems and event formats prior to 2007----------
2006 Peter Stadtmüller 265 pts
2005 Christian Kolnhofer 161 pts
2004 Florian Mengedoht 23 pts
2003 Florian Mengedoht 78 pts

Hope you’ve enjoyed; C U soon, Kelvin :prost:

PS: I assume we better call Carsten GRANDMASTER OF THE RING :D ...mind-boggling stats mate :daumenrauf: :daumenrauf:

Greg Taber
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Re: Standings Long Night of the Ring 2017

Postby Greg Taber » 08 Jan 2018, 18:49

Thanks David. It's very kind of you to host this event.

And thank you Kelvin for posting the stats. In 2016 I was going for Gerd's record in the Ferrari. This year I just wanted to finish again with the Ferrari so when I stopped using it, it would be on a high note. The 312 is the only car I'm confident I have a chance of finishing. Neither of these last two tries did it fail. I was the part that failed. :) I was on a faster pace than I did in 2015. All I needed to do was run the last 3 laps at 8:04 and I could have finished in 122m14s. Next year I want to try the Eagle. I can drive it decently here but I worry about it's engine. It would also allow me a chance to improve my 2015 race time.

You need to do 44 laps to complete a full 1000 kms. In 2015 I actually did more than 44 laps within a 24 hour period. I did at least 41 laps this year within a 24 hour period. I do think it was mistake for me to qualify. When I finished my qualifying lap, I only had seconds before the race started. I really needed a short break, even as little as 2 minutes, before the race started. I didn't even have time to stand up between qualifying and the race.

The heats are a real melee. I got frustrated in 2016. I got a little frustrated this time but I keep this thought in my head, "You're going to wreck. It's virtually impossible to avoid it. If you don't wreck, be happy with your great fortune." I never expect to do well in the heat standings. I'm not a lucky person and I think luck plays a big part in the heat standings. I thought I did decent. I was rough on David on two of the starts. My apologies. I thought I might be able to pass Claudio once but I realized too late that it wasn't possible. And I put Pedro in a terrible position in one of the late heats.

Thanks again guys. This is a great event and I enjoy it. I think next year (this year) I may spend the month of December doing a little practice in all the 67s.

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Re: Standings Long Night of the Ring 2017

Postby Pedro » 08 Jan 2018, 22:26

:hail: to all you Ringmasters :!:

Big thanks David for all your time and work, super event :prost:

Thanks all for racing, it was nice to meet you all again.

Cu next time,
Greetings Pedro.

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